Amstaff Style Artemide

Registered Name: Amstaff Style Artemide

Breeder: Giacomo Calcara

Owner: Mattia Murari

Kennel: Amstaff Style

Sire: Batton Staff Diamonds Long Step

Dam: Venus cristal staff

Sex: female

Date of Birth: 17 November 2013

Land of Birth: Verona

Land of Standing: Verona / Italia

Size: 50 cm

Weight: 28 Kg

Colour: Brown and White

Distinguishing Features:



Ataxia: CLEAR

Displasia: Hd a ed 0

Il Pedigree

Amstaff Style Artemide ATAXIA CLEAR // Hd a Ed 0

Amstaff Style Rocco

-Amstaff Style Artemide- /Breeder "Calcara Giacomo"/Owner "Mattia Murari"

Batton Staff Diamonds Long Step

-CH. Batton Staff Diamonds Long Step-

-Venus cristal staff-

Black Bandido go Long Step

-CHSRB, CHBG,J.CH.SRB Black Bandido go Long Step-

Ban Dream Long Step

-Ban Dream Long Step-

White Head Long Step

-INT & MULTI CH White Head Long Step-

Little Sparta 1300 Kaplara Long Step

-Little Sparta 1300 Kaplara Long Step-

Power Long Step


Fani Long Step

-Fani Long Step-

Builder's Best Heavenly Rider Long Step

-MULTI CH. BISS CH. Builder's Best Heavenly Rider Long Step-

Keti od 1300 Kaplara

-CH Keti od 1300 Kaplara -

Mlader's Mad Max

-CH Mlader's Mad Max-

Backwood's Fly

-INT CH Backwood's Fly-

Gladijator od 1300 Kaplara

-CH Gladijator od 1300 Kaplara-

-Zita od 1300 Kaplara-

Linebreeding - 5 generations Inbreeding coefficient
Father - Mother Who Wright's Hardiman's
4 - 2INT & MULTI CH White Head Long Step 03.13% 08.01%
        ↳5 - 3        ↳INT CH Backwood's Fly
        ↳5 - 3        ↳CH Mlader's Mad Max
4,4 - 4WW.EW.MULTI BISS Don King of Ring's 00.78% 04.83%
        ↳5,5 - 5        ↳INT & MULTI CH BIS Cool Wind Kennel Tara
        ↳5,5 - 5        ↳MULTI CH BISS Lari Long Step
4 - 4,4CH Nigeria of Eagle Blend 00.78% 04.88%
        ↳5 - 5,5        ↳CHYU Dolly Bell Popstaff
        ↳5 - 5,5        ↳CH Teenager Tipit Z Hanky